Keto-Iron Man Juice

keto iron man juice

1/2 cup electrolyte enhanced water 1″ aloe vera juice 1 cap of Ketoforce 1 dropper of chloroxygen 1″ orange juice BOOM!

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Crest toothpaste imbeds plastic in our gums


This is polyethylene: Did you know that polyethylene is the most common plastic in the world? It is used primarily for containers and packaging, such as these bottles and plastic grocery bags, and has been a concern for the environment because polyethylene lasts practically forever and isn’t biodegradable. It only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles until you can’t …

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Pantry Moths in Your Lunch?


A Super-Gross Reason to Avoid Processed Supermarket Food You’ll be shocked how the disgusting pantry moths and their larvae get into your food. October 10, 2012 Steve Holt If you’ve opened the pantry door or a bag of rice and had a moth fly in your face, you may have wondered: How did the bug get in there? Sarah Bryce …

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