My morning super antioxidant drink

Steve Kim’s morning superantioxidant drink

So you’ve heard of Monavie right? An MLM company pushing a super antioxidant drink. Well, the juice costs too much because that company has to pay for all of those commissions. That’s why I dislike most MLM’s, they’re more about money than product quality and value!

Want a better alternative? Get this instead:

Miracle Fruits of the World – 30 oz.- Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Noni, Blueberry, Cherry and More

I drink this every day, I do about 1/4 oz in the AM on an empty stomach. This drink costs about $30 and lasts a month, compared to $170 for MonaVie! Also this drink has a higher ORAC rating (the scale of how much antioxidants are in the drink) so it’s even better potency! Enjoy your better health and savings!!

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