Steve Kim’s Daily Supplement Routine

So you wonder how I’m able to stay looking so young and healthy?  Well, there’s a reason for it.  I take great care of myself!  So I want to share with you some tips on what I take to keep myself 10-15 years younger than the rest.



  • GNC Megavitamin
  • Fatty Acid Combo Pill
  • Vitamin B Pill
  • Joint Pill (Glucosamine, Chrondoite, MSM)
  • Resveratol Pill
  • Pycnogenol Pill


  • Fatty Acid Combo Pill
  • Joint Pill
  • Grape Seed Extract Pill

Before Bed

  • GNC Multivitamin
  • Tribulous Pill
  • 7-KETO
  • ZMA
  • MCT Oil

Now you’ll notice how I take a lot of fatty acid pills.  This is great for your health and keeps inflammation down, which happens naturally when you lift heavy weights like me.  I take MCT Oil to keep my body in fat burning mode and prevent fat storage.  I take anti-oxidants throughout the day.  I take my last multivitamin before bed since my body will have nothing else in it for the next 8-9 hours.

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  1. Hey Steve,
    Glad you are giving advice in this area! It will be good to consume all the advice I can get.

    I finally found my personal trainer, he introduced me to a new “product” that has Acai Berry in it called Mona Vei? Ever hear of it? If so I was wondering your opinion on it. The product can only be bought at one of these “hosting” type parties where you have go through a supplier rather than going to a store or sign up to be a distributer. I am still skeptical, but I’ve been drinking it for two weeks now and have noticed some differences. I was just wondering if you had heard of it and, again your thoughts. I am not sure if it because of the new muscle training exercises with my P.T. or this drink, or the combo but I’ve found my joints/bones are not cracking any more.

    I hope you have a great Holiday Steve!


  2. Michele, check out this article about MonaVie!

  3. Steve!
    I study this page really hard, you are really awesome!

    hmm.. is there any good pills you recommend for women too?
    likes burning the fat and maintain the body healthy?

    Thank you for sharing this amazing info with us! love u♥ 😉

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