Dr. Venus Ramos


  • Licensed M.D.
  • Rehabilitation Physician
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Veteran Fitness Competitor/Athlete
  • Health and Fitness Journalist
  • Trained in Anti-Aging and Medical Weight Loss (Empire Medical Training)
Dr. Venus Ramos has experience working with all types of clients ranging from the mature client with a few aching joints, to the Hollywood celebrity who wants to get back into shape for an upcoming role; from the professional athlete training to better his game, to the 20-something college grad wanting to look fantastic for an upcoming high school reunion.
With her rehabilitation background, she is also able create an effective exercise program which accommodates any chronic injuries a client may have.
$150 = one 55-minute session.
$580 = 4 sessions ($145 per session). $1080 = 8 sessions ($135 per session). $1500 = 12 sessions ($125 per session).
Four-week Online Personal Training Program also available for $125.
Dr. Ramos handles a limited number of clients each month.  Please email VenusRamos@yahoo.com to inquire about availability of personal training prior to making your online payment.
Dr. Ramos can speak to your company or community organization.  She has also served as a panelist for Q&A sessions.  She has experience in hosting live events and making trade show appearances as well.
Prior speaking topics include:
1)  Fitness for the Senior Population.
2)  Destiny: Choice, Not Chance.
3)  Injury Prevention for Active Individuals. 4)  How to Perform a Safe Workout.
Dr. Ramos can address other topics as well.  To request a rate quote, please email VenusRamos@yahoo.com to describe the
details of your event.
Range from $100 to $500 per hour or event, depending on your specific needs.  A deposit of $100 is required to book Dr. Ramos for your event.  To pay your deposit online, Click Here.

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