Fat-Loss Supplements

Amphetalean Extreme by Beast Labs: Product Review

While at the 2010 Olympia Expo, I came across this sample of “Amphetalean” by the folks over at Beast Labs.  The models were kind enough to drop 3-4 samples in my bag, thus allowing me a few days to try out this product.  Before this fat burner, I had used Red Line (in pill form) and had felt its energy …

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Staying lean with Green Tea

Weight loss is never as s imple as popping pills.  All fat-burning supplements are more effective when you add exercise.  So how does Green Tea help?  According to a 2008 study,men who were given the extract and did an hour of cycling burned 17 percent more fat than those given placebos.  And there are reports of a decrease in heart …

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