Worst Pizza You Could Possibly Eat

Worst Pizza Uno Chicago Grill’s Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza (individual size) 2,310 calories 165 g fat (54 g saturated) 4,920 mg sodium “Congratulations, Uno! You lose! Again! In all the years we’ve been putting this annual list together, this caloric calamity has never budged—it’s the worst pizza, year after year. There’s simply no competition for this crusty, cheesy nightmare. …

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Quake by Scivation – Product Review

10pm Friday – About to do back and shoulders Took Quake 10.0 about 20 minutes ago.  My legs are shaking as I’m typing this and I’m feeling like a madman who must workout! So far so good.. will continue this after my workout tonight.. 11:30pm update – had a good workout, killed back.. did 30 min HIT cardio.. felt little …

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Amphetalean Extreme by Beast Labs: Product Review

While at the 2010 Olympia Expo, I came across this sample of “Amphetalean” by the folks over at Beast Labs.  The models were kind enough to drop 3-4 samples in my bag, thus allowing me a few days to try out this product.  Before this fat burner, I had used Red Line (in pill form) and had felt its energy …

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