Salad in Mason Jars!

Watch how to make delicious, portable lunches in a Mason jar! Don’t cheat yourself during the busy work week. In this video, you’ll see how to create fresh lunches that hit the work lunch trifecta! They’re money saving, good for you, and so quick and easy to make! The Mason jar is perfect for layering ingredients, for storing in the fridge, and then—with a shake—combining everything together for a quick, delicious lunch that you can feel good about. The salad stays fresh and crisp in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. So you can make a variety of salads and dressings for the week.

When to drink protein shakes and why

This one goes out to Ryan who asks, “Hey steve can you recommend a morning shake/ afternoon shake or dinner shake?”

when to drink a protein shake and whyThere are a few ideal times when you want to consume a protein shake:

  • Immediately after a heavy workout (when you body is in an anabolic state)
  • In times when you don’t have time to make/eat a healthy meal and you want to avoid fast food and the like
  • In the morning on an empty stomach, shortly before and during morning cardio/weight lifting
  • If you are trying to gain weight and a mass gainer shake is cheaper than food instead

And that’s about it! So you shouldn’t drink protein shakes if you can avoid it otherwise. Here’s why:

You can never replace the purity and goodness of whole foods itself. In other words, don’t try to replace greens with a green powder drink. They sell these at GNC and other health food stores and they tout that they are as good as eating greens, sometimes better. This is false. They are okay ONLY if you CANNOT get any greens! As a green replacement, they will help but they will never be better than eating organic raw vegetables EVER. So eat your veggies! Or do what I do, drink veggie juice.. its faster and easier 😉 Continue reading When to drink protein shakes and why