MMC – Day 2

Steve’s Modified Master Cleanse – Day 2

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This is some funny stuff… check out the paragraph written below.. it’s from my new “speech-to-text” software program. This is what the program thought I said in my video above!
It’s actually kinda cool to play the video above and read the text below to see how the program interpreted my speech..

“What’s up this is Steve Kamman this is day two of my modified master cleanse okay so yesterday things were so bad I am pretty easy actually drink the juice out the day got work done and I didn’t go to sluggish it was the deal but in the salty drink in the morning Val is the worst that stuff is nasty record about warm water and 2 teaspoons of sea salt now — and you drink that in this spring are to swallow but once he chose that about hour later you go and go pretty well as the battling a champ you know students will do it quickly to my body I thought better of Sulzberger the Daytona to work that night and I danced a show at night and on my got there him was fine after the show though that’s most of them underpinnings because I have this habit after the show I always eat a we have the captivity gives a free meal Sundays to go and announce and chicken in the state turkey sandwich or something tuna but after the show I could need so I thought about it and that’s most of them underpinnings I realize why this is mental because any hunger pains to get to work and then I got the point lobs are used to eating then I got home and a new CD rack to work the way home I’m added that have long time I could be really Lim but I would either have to work out you I get home I drink diet drinks and had a really bad regimen I would be so healthy the day and night on scroll up and I can be as healthy as late as I could be so I realize that law dismantled my mind to become a food certain times of day and that’s the hundred underpinnings kicked in the data helped that I read a book to read before bed is a book about by both the foods you eat not eat the guidebook the mistake of sending or reading about food when I’m so hungry I was too stupid solace in their dying they can all always various spinach and don’t care I’m so hungry I went downstairs row for the morning Diceman downstairs the entry point out of Canada’s chicken soup but I should be eating a few days now and also tempted last night to get it then and there is also hungry so I stood in the kitchen on this canister. I’ll fight I just need this shape is not and finally I will myself not to would back up stairs and if I falsely with his morning cup hours earlier argument they started sooner I feel good companies later start adding more like chicken and fish and become really strict about my diet I am its is not likely to be strict but the choices you make the strict mean to be smart you don’t like giving glycol may be hamburger here maybe some factory or you just got to be really stick to the plan and I know that by doing this on change your body when I crave foods that will have a craving for junk food I had no persona which is great about it anymore but want to stop having my makers and I’m not the star of the night so as to have the stitches over on day three.”

The rambling above is courtesy of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a program that translates what you say into words. As you can tell, it needs more work!

– Steven

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