MMC – Day 4

Freaking hilarious.. below is Dragon Naturally Speaking’s interpretation of what I said in the video above. 99% accurate my ass! lol

“What’s all this astute care with a day for my modify Master class on how to go so far will yesterday was so bad it was like a 332 and basically attributes of the day is okay but for the kind of the worse so I have had exactly remain which added warning that a can of vegetable soup and two servings before the show after show I can chicken vegetable soup with a divided two servings will cite small servings whittled the Pats could know which is like a price like a car compatible with the super texture and how is it that said it yesterday and am/file is simply the kitchen fridge and the habits are about housekeeping food so this guy will cleanse your body that will give you energy change we think about food re-created and we food tastes the last of the we have ever like junk foods out there in habits sought mental cyber love this dysfunction your mind to think differently so I disciplined a passive this morning with no problem and that nasty salt water can of course eliminate how about an hour from now output Peggy wake up excited that so many I may resist a subpoena to the style blatantly I am actually a lot of vast numbers of a given two hours or so you could all off was pretty shocked nobody so before adding for good over today to not have a post office of someone’s soup at the trough that people are so right escape of the sale goes like this are you will and I know that.”

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  1. hahahahaha! That “Dragon” def. needs to be slayed

  2. I am following your program to see how you do on it first. I want to start it and will, but what I am hearing from you is stay away from canned foods, but you eat them. Making your own soup is easy. Make a pan for the week and you will be better off. If you need a recipe or something please let me know, and I will be happy to help you find something that is right for the program. I will keep you informed on how my progress goes. Good luck 😉

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