The Healthiest Man Alive

by Steve Kim

I caught this video of a guy who says he will live the life of “the healthiest man alive” for the year 2011.  Here’s an excerpt from

Author A.J. Jacobs’ books include “The Know-it-All,” “My Life as an Experiment” and “The Year of Living Biblically.” For the last, he spent a year trying to follow every rule and guideline in the Bible – more than 700 of them. In his current project, he’s trying to follow every piece of verified health advice that he can find, testing everything from barefoot running to calorie restriction diets. He sat down with me to talk about his goal of being “The Healthiest Person Alive.”

Interesting what he’s doing and documenting.  Only thing is I wonder about the usefulness of it all.  I mean, if he wanted to know what diets or exercises can truly make a difference, then he should implement one at a time and test to see if there are any positive changes.  I mean, doing everything you’re told by just anyone who thinks they’re an expert.. well.. if you have no common sense, no background in diet and exercise, then you can allow yourself to grow crazy by trying to do half of what people tell you to do.. which is 70-80% bullshit anyways!

I would be more interested in true athletes that test themselves with one change at a time.  This guy claims to never have really cared about his body before.  So I can tell you what’s going to happen after a year of being healthy.  He’s going to look and feel better!  duh!  I don’t need a year long study to prove that to me.

Another funny thing is that he mentions how he tried chewing food severely as one technique in staying healthy.  There is a following of people called “chewists” that think you should chew 80-100 times for each mouthful of food.  What?! Hello??  This is where common sense should kick in.  The guy then complains that it took about an hour and a half to eat an apple. Really genius?!  So what are we, cows now?  I believe in grazing as in eating small food throughout the day.  But this is ridiculous!  And how about the concept of fiber and how it helps to clean out the intestinal tract?

Anyways, I juice my veggies already so if this “chewist” principle is truly righteous, then I’m already on the right path, just MUCH MORE EFFICIENT lol.

Well, this video got me thinking at least.  What changes can I make for 2011 that can truly make a difference?

One easy one is to quit drinking.  I’ve thought of this a thousand times.  And the only reason I didn’t do it was because I wanted to have the OPTION to celebrate with people once in a while.   Like a toast for a wedding.. it’s okay to drink then right?  And what about doing business with new clients.. maybe you want to have a drink in order to get to know them.  Or how about a shot to celebrate a special occasion?

Well.. I now realize that A) I hardly ever go to weddings B) I never do or get any business when I go out and C) There are way too many special occasions in Las Vegas each year!

And when you think of why you drink otherwise.. it’s always been for me just to tolerate being in a club or some party environment.  I mean, I can’t stand most clubs when I’m sober.. they’re overpacked with obnoxious people and there’s no where to really dance.  And to me, clubbing is about music and dancing.  And in Vegas, it’s not.. it’s more about getting rich tourists to fork over there money.

So now that clubbing is out of the equation.. what else?  hmmmm.. can’t think of any!

Looks like 2011 is going to be alcohol free.  Should be interesting 🙂

– Steve

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