Steve’s Daily Vitamin/Supplement List

Okay, so here goes my supplement schedule (with a little dieting info thrown in)

Upon wakening:

cup of water with milk thistle and half cup green juice (green juice comes from spinach, broccoli, cucumber, apple, banana, mango)



coffee/fat burner

go to gym, half hour abs, half hour cardio – sip on shake (whey protein/carb/l-glutamine/fiber)

breakfast: 1 cup egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal, veggie juice

take vitamins (vitamin code), glucosamine, omega 3’s


chicken breast or fish or turkey

sweet potato or brown rice

veggie juice

take vitamins, glucosamine, omega 3’s


chicken breast or steak

sweet potato or veggies (mixed frozen)

take vitamins, glucosamine, omega 3’s

before bed:

GABA, ZMA, Melatonin

there’s more to it but that’s a start for now! i’ll add more later when i have more time 😉

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