What to look for in a Personal Trainer

A good personal trainer should have the following traits:
– reliable
– honest
– experienced
– dedicated

When looking for a personal trainer, be sure to take your time and get to know them first. The last thing you want to do is waste money by throwing it at some kid at the gym who claims to know what he’s doing. First look at the trainer and ask yourself, “does this person practice what they preach?”. Meaning, if they aren’t in great shape, then how can they help you do it? Second, look for a trainer who can understand you. For example, if you’re a dancer in a show and want to get in better shape, look for a trainer with some dance background. They’ll be more familiar with the injuries and precautions of the sport and better prepare you for training. If you are very heavy and want to lose weight, look for a trainer who’s either been there themselves or has clients that have shown this kind of (permanent) weight loss.

What should a good trainer do?
1. motivation – one of the main reasons you hire a trainer is to have someone there at the gym waiting for you to workout. it’s a powerful incentive to get your butt there in the first place! and the trainer should be someone who gets you pumped up and makes you want to workout as well
2. planning – a good trainer analyzed you the first few times at the gym and finds exercises that best suit your body type and needs. then they should provide at least two workout plans that you can alternate with. the more the better, variation creates “muscle confusion” which helps speed up your progress
3. expertise – your trainer should have several years of training experience. you don’t want the kid fresh out of training school. most of these classes only cover the basics which you could read out of a muscle & fitness magazine.
4. variation – your diet should also be planned as well as your workout. and a good trainer will provide you with options for you diet to keep it creative and keep your body burning fat at its maximum level!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll update this again in the near future. Just a few tips to help you find the right trainer and help you obtain your fitness goals. Good luck!

Steve Kim
Model/Dancer/Actor/Fitness Model

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  1. Too funny before I even saw this entry I…


    I saw the entry when I went to get your URL… Had a good chuckle.

    😉 Anymore ideas and input would be greatly appreciated – I’ve been contemplating extending packages for brides and going in with my P.T.

    Have a great Thursday Steve!

  2. And another Personal Trainer bites the dust…
    I have NO luck with trainers what so ever…
    He was great for 3 months, and then… He disappeared in to the world of – I don’t know what… He owes me 6 sessions.. So yeah…at least I’ll try to keep doing what he DID show me while he was around… I just need a nutritionalist to whip my ass into eating much better.

    So.. Make sure he is reliable… #1… Dedicated #2… Experienced and Honest…

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