Romanian Tomato & Cucumber Salad

This is a great recipe, it’s simple and easy to make, tastes great and is super healthy for you.

I’ve been leaning out fast lately and this change in my diet has helped a lot.  Six to eight hours before bed, you want to cut out carbs like rice or pasta and instead, just eat vegetables.

I’m not a big fan of veggies or salads, but while I was touring Romania with Hollywood Men, I was served this dish every day and it’s the most delicious way for me to eat my veggies.

Here’s how:

Chop up a tomato and half a cucumber.  Top with feta cheese.  Sprinkle pepper.  Add olive oil and vinegar.  Mix it up.  Voila!  This salad is so tasty I eat it practically every day.  The tomato contains fat burning properties and cucumber is a great fibrous and water bearing veggie.  The cheese provides calcium and olive oil and vinegar are a healthy combo (as long as you don’t drench your food).

Try and enjoy!

– Steve

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  1. Love this site…good salad….for a change try fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil & the oil & vinegar. WOW..that’s Italian. Here’s another one for you…1 can of cannellini beans, heat,drain add olive oil & salt & pepper.
    Yum….ate this is Italy. Enjoy….Ciao!

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