Best way to prevent or fight off a cold/flu

If you ever feel the signs of a cold/flu coming in (coughing, stuff/runny nose, fatigue, etc), then try doing what I do:

1)  Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids (I drink at least 1 gallon of water a day)

2) Also drink fruit & veggie combo juice

3) Take lots of Vitamin C (you can take 500mg capsules every other hour, maybe up to ten a day)

4) Take lots of Vitamin D3 (I take it same way as Vitamin C, 500mg caps every other hour)

5) Use Zicam if you’re nose is too runny or congested

6) Use a saline rinse.  (i keep a gallon of distilled water in the bathroom next to the shower.  i fill up the Neti Pot with saline mix and use it while taking a shower.  Easy to do and keep clean!)

7) Take garlic, goldenseal, echinacea

8) Make sure you’re taking a good multi-vitamin (for men or for women)

9) Get plenty of rest (at least 6-7 hours at night and maybe a 20min nap or two throughout the day)

10) Do cardio!  A light pace for 20 minutes helps.. just get the body warmed up and the blood flowing.. helps to get rid of the toxins in your body)

that’s it for now.. try this, it works for me!  I haven’t had a cold in eight years, though I did finally get the snuffles this past month 😛  but luckily that went away quick 😉

– Steven Kim

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