Bodysport Fitness Center offers Coach’s Choice Scholarships

by Mel Fabros


Reaching out to the athletically gifted in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – Bodysport Fitness Center, located at the Las Vegas Sports Park, has established the Coach’s Choice Scholarship program. It’s a scholarship in Bodysport’s Student Athlete Program. It was designed and implemented to make athletes stronger, faster, more agile and have more endurance at the sport they play. Instrumental in its implementation is Gerard Fabros, NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Special consultant to the program is former Miami Hurricanes Strength and Conditioning Coach David Sandler, also of Fox Sport’s Sport Science.

Bodysport Fitness Center owner, Mel Fabros, has presented several Athletic Directors at various high schools with “Scholarship Certificates” for one boy and one girl. Mr. Fabros consults with several coaches and together, they find the athletically gifted kids who can benefit from a Strength and Conditioning Program, but whose families can not afford this kind of one-on-one-training. Participants will be required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75. “Our hope is that with our program they can benefit enough physically and mentally to go on and play college sports at some level and even if they don’t get accepted into college level sports, at least they have completed the academic requirements to get into college”, said Mr. Fabros.

The Student Athlete Program is sport specific and develops the athlete in many different ways. It includes functional training, speed and agility, fitness training, nutritional guidance, and tips to gain the mental edge.

To the serious athlete who wants to excel, dominate the competition and move on to college athletics, there is no “off season”. Well planned and executed sport specific training programs are the reasons high school, college and professional athletes can outperform their counterparts of years ago when it was thought that strength training would make an athlete “muscle bound” and hinder his/her performance on the field of play.

Mr. Fabros says “We feel it is unfortunate that kids with plenty of raw talent never get the chance to go to college because they don’t have families with the financial means to afford athletic and mental training and preparation or the knowledge on what it takes to make it into college athletics. We want to help “level the playing field” when it comes to middle school and high school athletes making it to the college level and maybe even to the pros”.

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