Fast Food Commercials and their Marketing Gimmicks

dominos pizza
Tasty! Just not so healthy..

by Steve Kim

You see those Dominos commercials?  The ones where they take a group of people and blindfold them and take them out to the tomato fields, just so they could show them the fresh tomatoes they use on their pizza?

Big freaking deal!  How about showing up where the cheese comes from?  It comes from milk.. which comes from cows.. which are fed tons of hormones and antibiotics..

Now ask them where the Pepperoni and Sausage comes from.. Pork which comes from Pig meat.. and how are pigs fed?  what conditions do they live in?  Trust me, you don’t want to know!  And the sausage comes from all the junk leftover parts of the pig that they don’t use after they extract out ham.

So anyways, sorry to rant and rave.. I specialize in marketing and find it amusing how companies try to fool us into thinking  that they care about our health.. just like the Government right? lol

Bottom line:  If you want a pizza, make it yourself, buy organic vegetables and meat.. otherwise, go to the slaughterhouse and lick the floor, it’s got the same nutritional value as one of those fast food pizzas :p

P.S. I’m a hypocrite too because I actually like the taste of Dominos pizza.. I think it tastes better than papa johns or pizza hut!  I just don’t eat it very often..

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