Turbo Shaker – Product Review

Okay, so hands down this is my favorite shaker..  why?

1)  Easiest to use

2) Easiest to clean

So simple.. just throw in water, add powder… shake.. drink!

But the best part is when you’re done..  I often just rinse it immediately with hot water and put on my dish rack to dry.. takes seconds..

most other shaker cups are odd shaped and have too many nooks and crannies for protein powder to stick to.. making it hard to clean and more vulnerable to bacteria growing..

i rinse and reuse often.. maybe throw it in the dishwasher (top rack) once a week or so.. i’ve also had one protein shaker cup last me over two years!  i finally realized that’s a long time and went ahead and ordered

four more online..   they’re getting harder to find.. most places are out of stock.. also seems like their website is defunct.. so if there’s any out there, go get some while you can.. they’re the bomb!

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  1. Steve,

    Thank you for the great review! We are now better than ever with new colors and increased distribution you can find us online and in most major retailers.

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