Worst Pizza You Could Possibly Eat

uno's deep dish disaster

Worst Pizza
Uno Chicago Grill’s Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza (individual size)
2,310 calories
165 g fat (54 g saturated)
4,920 mg sodium

“Congratulations, Uno! You lose! Again! In all the years we’ve been putting this annual list together, this caloric calamity has never budged—it’s the worst pizza, year after year. There’s simply no competition for this crusty, cheesy nightmare. With a day’s worth of calories, more than 2 days’ worth of sodium, and nearly 3 days’ worth of fat, they should call it the Classic Deep Doo-Doo pizza. Because that’s where your diet will be if you eat it. “(source unknown)

a much healthier alternative!

So everyone, I recommend eating the Paul Newman thin crust frozen pizza that you can buy at the supermarket. For one, the ingredients are healthier than most brands. Second, the Paul Newman Foundation donates all profits to charities which kicks ass! And third, I truly enjoyed the taste of both Pepperoni and Supreme. And the pizza’s about 1/8th the calories/fat/sodium as the Uno’s Deep Dish Pizza!

– Steve

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