Amphetalean Extreme by Beast Labs: Product Review

While at the 2010 Olympia Expo, I came across this sample of “Amphetalean” by the folks over at Beast Labs.  The models were kind enough to drop 3-4 samples in my bag, thus allowing me a few days to try out this product.  Before this fat burner, I had used Red Line (in pill form) and had felt its energy at even one-third the dose.  And so I was curious to see how Amphetalean would compare.

After a few days of testing (taking 1 pill upon wakening before cardio, another in the afternoon before my weight training), i seemed to feel little in terms of energy.  I was more sluggish than I was when I took the Red Line.  I did feel odd heart palpitations though and a slight cold sweat during my workouts (similar to that of some ephedrine supplements).

Now I don’t normally take the full recommended dose as I am sensitive and realize I don’t usually need that much.  But after taking two pills (they recommend 3-6 per day), I felt more tired yet had the heart beating issue.  After four days, I discontinued use of the product (had run out of samples anyways!).

My recommendation:  I wouldn’t use this product.  Didn’t help me any.

List of Ingredients

Synephrine, Adenosine, Niacin, Yohimbe, Vinpocetine, and Bioperine.

Beast Labs description of “Amphetalean”

AmphetaLEAN by Beast Sports is a fat burning, appetite controlling weight, loss supplement that uses enteric coated capsules to release the formula in a two stage delivery process. Beast Sports presents a decent argument against other energy supplements in the weight loss industry: their effects only last for no more than one to three hours because they are absorbed through the stomach. All the ingredients of these products are sent to the bloodstream at the same time, which accounts for their effects being short-lived. AmphetaLEAN tablets are coated with a protective shell that allows its self a safe passageway into the intestine, where the formula can be absorbed over a long period of time. The AmphetaLEAN tablet is a capsule within a capsule, which they refer to as Liqui-Tab technology.

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