Can you take too many vitamins?

Yes but the repercussions are usually mild-much like when you eat a very rich meal, according to Dr. Geo Espinosa, director of naturopathic medicine at the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University Medical Center.  Larger problems can arise, though, when you mix vitamins or herbs with prescription meds.  Garlic pills, vitamin E, fish oil, and saw palmetto can enhance the anti-coagulant effects of Hesparin (potentially dangerous for people undergoing or recovering from surgery), and Saint-John’s wort can dull the effects of some cholesterol medications.  To perfect your supplement program, you need to look beyond the kid manning the register at GNC — maybe even beyond your primary care doctor.  Espinosa says: “You need to talk to the right doctor — one specializing in naturopathy.

article courtesy of Men’s Health & Fitness

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