how to organize your pills (vitamins, supplements, etc)

It’s easy to organize your pills/vitamins/supplements! I take over 14 kinds each day and that can be a lot to keep track of. You don’t want to forget to take a pill but then you don’t want to take too much. How do you remember when it’s time to take them?

Well, I’ve found it easy to keep my pills organized by using a large 7-day pill organizer. I think I bought mine at Walgreens but you can find it pretty much

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  1. thank you for the healthy tip
    i travel alot and cam use your great trip
    i will pass this tip to my dad and friends
    do you have any more traveling tips?
    your friend,

  2. thank you for your healthy tip.

  3. Since you use zip lock bags you should try this!
    It’s the newest thing out there for traveling with vitamins.

    The black nylon is what I have

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