Tony Cress

by Tony Cress

I’m not going to lie, I can’t give you one of the fat to fit stories you read about in your average fitness magazine. I was never fat. I was always into sports growing up. In high school, I played football and basketball, and I went on to play basketball in college. During this whole time, I never had an epiphany that I need to start eating right and working out, because I always had. It’s been a way of life for me. Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t relate to the average person who finds it hard to work out. I was alone in my way of thinking growing up. My brothers were athletic, and played sports, but wondered why I had my head buried in the most current issues of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine, and every other health and fitness related literature I could get my hands on. My family was among the general public who knew that exercise was good for you, but it wasn’t necessarily for them. I knew this was my journey in life, despite what they thought. So at 19, I decided to get my first personal training certification.

It’s over 10 years later, and I am still a trainer, growing every day, and still reading everything I can get my hands on, from American Council Of Sports Medicine Studies, to the old stand by, Men’s Health. I know what it takes to get into the best shape of your life. I mean, I’ve read at least a hundred success stories, and trained quite a few in my time as well! And I know that given the opportunity, we can work together to make you one of those success stories as well. I’m here to help. It’s what I was born to do.


University of Iowa-Health Promotion

National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT

National Academy of Sports Medicine-Corrective Exercise Specialist

TRX Suspension Training Certified

American Heart Association-CPR Certified