I’m Steve Kim

Personal Life & Success Coach

Helping You Become a Success in the Exotic Industry

Personal Life Coaching

Helping people become successful entertainers while maximizing their careers and overall happiness.

Success Training

Teaching you the keys to learning how to become successful at anything you do.

Goal Setting

You can’t move forward without first creating a blueprint and a map.

Exotic Dancing

Learn to become the best exotic dancer you can be.

Self Promotion

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to build your fan base.

Health & Fitness

Learn all the ways to stay healthy and fit so you can make more money.

What Is Life Coaching?

Steve Kim knew he was a life coach when he realized that he genuinely enjoyed helping people overcome problems or achieve objectives.  While thinking about ways to improve his customer service, Steve devised a strategy where he could teach his new hires the skills to do the business through an online training center.  He then created a few consultation packages for personal instruction.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for ANYONE!  As long as you desire to improve your current situation in every way of life, then coaching is for you.  Life coaching is when you are given guidance in making positive everlasting changes to your life, as well as instruction on how to accomplish your short and long term goals.

What is The Process Like?

The process is actually quite simple.  It only takes a few meetings to get you going.  First we will set out a road map for your success.  Second we will assign tasks and milestones.  Third we will test and measure the outcome and keep revising your success plan until we’ve accomplished your objectives!  Click on the FAQ to learn more.

1. Schedule a Facetime or Zoom Meeting

Let’s schedule a meeting to talk over the phone but via Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, or  Zoom.  We can make sure you’re qualified for my services.

2. Setup a face to face meeting

Once we’ve determined that you’re qualified to work with me and that my services are the best fit for you, we will schedule an in-person meeting to further discuss your needs.

3. Develop an Action Plan

Once we’ve determined what your most important and immediate goals are, we can start working on an action plan, with tasks and milestones.

4. Weekly Maintenance

Once you’ve gotten started on your action plan, we’ll need to meet at least once a week to make sure you’re on the right path and working at the right tempo.  I’ll make adjustments to your action plan as needed to ensure you accomplish them as efficiently as possible.

5. Success Evaluation

Once we feel like we’ve accomplished our objectives, we’ll revisit our original goals and have a discussion on ways to improve the system in the future.  Then we will establish new goals for the new action plan we will create.

Coaching Packages

2 Week Coaching Package

For when you have a short amount of time to accomplish some immediate goals

More Details

2 week package includes:

  • 2 week program including evaluation and goal workshop
  • 8 hrs of personal consultation and training per week
  • Initial One-Hour Consultation
    – Hand out Handbook
    – Assign Goals
  • TOTAL COST: $800


4 Week Coaching Package

My most popular package.  One month is a good amount of time to achieve results.

More Details

4 week package includes:

  • 4 week program including evaluation and goal workshop
  • 16 hrs of personal consultation and training per week
  • Initial One-Hour Consultation
    – Hand out Handbook
    – Assign Goals
  • TOTAL COST: $1200 ($400 discount)


8 Week Coaching Package

My best package.  Two months is the optimum amount of time to work on your success plan and to re-evaluate it after the first month.

More Details

16 week package includes:

  • 16 week program including evaluation and goal workshop
  • 32 hrs of personal consultation and training per week
  • Initial One-Hour Consultation
    – Hand out Handbook
    – Assign Goals
  • TOTAL COST: $2200 ($1000 discount)


About Me

Steve was born in Portland, Oregon and later moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has a background in software programming and web design, as well as over fifteen years experience in the entertainment industry.

Steve wants to elevate the exotic realm to the most professional level possible. His mission is to continually improve his agency’s service offerings and to uplift the industry and its reputation. He also wants to take the best care of his talent.  Long story short, Steve is dedicated to being the best of the best and to continually strive for excellence.


“Steve has been instrumental in helping me grow my business while making smart decisions regarding my marketing and spending.  I highly recommend him!”


Owner, Kings Powerwashing

“Steve was tremendous in helping me rework my business plan.  I didn’t have an effective online marketing strategy until I met Steve. He helped me get my business off the ground and now I have a better understanding of how to find customers for my gym.”

Mel F.

Owner, Bodysport Fitness Center

“Steve has helped me with my career in entertainment.  Before I met him, I was mostly working 9-5 jobs.  Now I am building my own personal brand and I have more opportunities to work and make better money.”


Wild Entertainment

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