You have to measure your ketone levels if you want to be successful with intermittent fasting while on a ketogenic diet.

I use a Precision Xtra to measure my ketones. I do it in the morning after I wake up. I prick my finger and measure the ketones in my blood via this handheld device. It tells me precisely what my ketone levels are. This information helps me determine if my eating plan and meal timing are optimal. I’m able to adjust my meals and fasting schedule so that I’m achieving optimum ketosis in the shortest amount of time.

I was able to get to 0.5 mmol 24 hours after I had consumed a high carbohydrate and fat meal. I woke up that day and did some work and then spent 3-4 hours in my backyard exercising and working out in the pool. I’ve learned that low intensity and high volume combined with underwater resistance allows me to burn fat while retaining muscle, even on a calorie restricted diet. And by restricted, I don’t mean severe. It’s just that I’ll cut down to 2/3 my daily allowance on days when I want to get into ketosis fast. Most of the time I’m following an 18/6 fasting schedule. But I’ll do a 48-72 hour re-feed once a week (bump up my thyroid) and then I’ll start again on a 2-3 day fast after I’ve reloaded. This helps to kick start my ketosis and also achieve autophagy. Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells (according to Priya Khorana, PhD in nutrition education from Columbia University).

” Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. So the literal meaning of autophagy is “self-eating.” By inducing autophagy, my body virtually goes backward in aging (this is the closest to anti-aging that you can achieve right now) as it gets rid of any unnecessary junk cells and allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components. In other words, the body disposes of bad/weak/dead cells and replaces them with new ones. That is regeneration and a critical component in maintaining your youth!

I feel by alternating my 18/6, 24hr, 48hr and 72 hr fasts, and mixing in re-feeding windows, while exercising at the right time to help kick start ketosis, I’ve been able to achieve results 2-3 times faster than the average person. Decades of studying the human body, nutrition, exercise, bio-hacking, spiritual fitness, you name it.. if it has to do with improving you mentally, physically, or spiritually, there’s a good chance I’ve read it. I live to improve my health and fitness every day. Of course I’ll have a drink and let loose now and then. But I just love feeling healthy a whole lot more.

Sorry this article got away from the subject! In conclusion, you can’t reach goals effectively without a blueprint and a measuring device. You got the blueprint. Now go buy the device 😉